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Embarking on a New Road Together

Every time we fly, and we look out at the sky, the color of that sky is a wonderfully clear blue. That color is azure.
Wherever we land, the blue of the ocean is different from country to country.
The Aegean Sea is said to be the color of wine and grapes, beloved by the Greeks.
The seas of the southern countries, with their coral reefs, are exceptional. The tan hues of sandy beaches and the deepening azure of the sea create constantly shifting gradations of blue, scattered by white waves as they break across the reefs.
A poet once said, "The white bird does not sorrow, but takes flight, undyed by the blue of sea and sky."
When the ocean rages, it visits enormous damage upon us.

Deepening bonds
Little by little, the resilient people of eastern Japan are recovering from the acts of the gods of earth and sea.
The government has set its budget and is gradually shifting into action. Yet the reality remains harsh.
Over 300,000 refugees remain unavoidably estranged from their familiar lives at home.
While the number of participants has declined from the initial phases, volunteer activities are still going strong.
The reports from our employees, who have recorded their experiences of those efforts, recount in vivid detail the still-raw wounds of the disaster.
Efforts to purchase goods from the ravaged area on favorable terms are continuing. The festivals revived this summer usher in the spirits of the departed and deeply recall the bonds between the people who once lived here, as their names suggest: the Bon Festival of ancestral spirits; the fireworks festival; the festival of the lanterns. The disaster prompted many Japanese to think deeply about the importance of those bonds.

The Road to Recovery
The reconstruction plans appear to be moving steadily forward, as specialists work with the government on proposals for the residents in each region, focusing on moving residents to higher elevations that are more resistant to tsunami.
The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident survey team is led by Prof. Yotaro Hatamura, advocate of the "failure-ology" approach. The content of the team's report prompts everyone involved to reflect intensely on these terrible events.
The ease with which the fury of nature smashed our simple defenses, and the sheer power of the disaster that so vastly exceeding the limits of our imaginations, calls out for us to prepare with greater knowledge and unflagging effort.
(In 2000 Hatamura published a book entitled Shippaigaku ("Failure-ology"), in which he touched on the problem of tsunami. In the caption to one photograph, Hatamura remarked, "Houses must not be built lower than this stone monument, to avoid damage from tsunami.")
Throughout Japan and around the world, efforts are ongoing to encourage people to take action on the earthquake disaster, including a series of events that are held to support those caught up in the disaster. Uminonakama ("Friends of the Sea") is donating fishing boats. Farmers are switching to greenhouse horticulture. Using direct-sales networks that link them with new customers over the Internet, producers are forming new bonds with consumers. All of these efforts are slowly but surely bearing fruit.

A New Path
All around us, people are pivoting toward a new direction, doing what they can to make a difference.
Today we face difficult choices. We can no longer afford to be complacent. The only way we will get answers is to think about others, and above all, have courage and perseverance. We must have turn weakness into strength.
At this year's Summer Olympics in London, a number of athletes achieved unprecedented records.
Usain Bolt from Jamaica, a developing country in the Caribbean, captured two gold medals in succession for the 100m and 200m footraces.
By pushing his muscle training to the limits, he overcame the difficulty of having a deformed spine. Bolt became the world's fastest man with room to spare.
The slogan of the London Olympics, "Inspire the Generation," was a message to a new year and a new generation, and to a new generation of nations as well. The host country for the next Olympic Games will be Brazil, in the dynamic heart of South America.

One Beautiful Step
Among the people who rushed to Japan in the wake of the disaster, to give people courage through their efforts, was Lady Gaga.
This year Lady Gaga chose one of her favorite haunts, Harajuku in Tokyo, to launch sales of her line of perfume, Lady Gaga Fame.
I hope this launch will lend momentum to the growing ranks of new enthusiasts in the fragrance field, in Japan and elsewhere.
In January 2012, Koa began operations using a new automated bottle making machine for small bottles.
This machine is not only the latest models but is also fully customized for luxury products of the highest grade. For this breakthrough, Koa drew on all of the advanced technology and expertise it has accumulated over its extensive track record.
As our customers worldwide blaze new trails, we at Koa are here to offer powerful and effective cooperation.

Tatsuhiko Idei
Koa Glass Co.,Ltd.

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