Perfume Story: 1. Bottle Creation Story: March 2010 Archives

1. Bottle Creation Story: March 2010 Archives

"Perfume bottle has to inspire and enforce the scent of perfume." This is the principle for designing perfume bottle since René Lalique launched his first miniature bottle in 19th century. Therefore, perfume bottle refers to the beauty and represents timeless fineness. The design has charmed and tempted many people.
Consequently, bottle thief, whose target is perfume bottle, appeared and they are in the news. Recently in restaurant, a French lady talks that her bottle collection were theft. Bottle tempts people more even after it becomes empty. It might be a part of the nature of the world that there are people who keep flowers or bottles and people who pick them.
When Lalique was active, glass bottle production were mainly by craft man but automatic production just have started.
Nowadays we obtain fully automatic production line with Individual Section machine, so called IS machine. Thanks to our efforts for technology development, we supply around one hundred million of various typed miniature bottles in annual enjoying the high capability of the machine and deliver tens of millions of bottles for one of those.
Our technology fields are broad, which is from special mold design and components to control of melting glass. Not only for artistic perfume bottle, but also for nail polish and for small pressed jar, the world of miniature bottle is spreading. Even though the bottle is small, the quality requirement is very high and pursuing glass transparency, surface treatment and shape is unlimited. We KOA are active in perfume bottle market, centering miniature bottle production.
We live in world of beauty and dignity.

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