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October 2009 Archives

Manufacturing perfume bottle which is required crystal glaze and clarity has a long history and accumulative know-how. It may be no exaggeration to say that history of perfume came along with history of glass bottle.
In ancient Egyptian pinnate pattern core glass for balm, in Roman era blow glass, in Islam glass bottle for Rose water, after that in Venetia, Bohemia, France, England and so on, amount of unique perfume bottles are manufactured. Glass bottles have been influenced by European style as well as Oriental design.
Even though the smell of perfume is rich, if glass bottle looks poor, it is difficult to say that the perfume is completed. Perfume bottles have to have extraordinary design as if sculpture on dressing board.
The glass which shapes bottle is required high technology from melting, molding to decoration. Melting clear glass, controlling glass temperature to form bottle with precise mold, polishing glass surface, decorating bottle and so on, are required know-how. KOA Glass owns complete supply chain of glass bottles from designing, molding, and manufacturing to decoration.
KOA Glass, glass bottle manufacturer established in 1943, has production sites both in Japan and China and supplies a various shape and purpose of cosmetics and perfume bottles to all over the world.
In May 2010, the Shanghai Expo will run with more than 200 countries and organization. One of the largest cosmetics companies sponsored as project sponsor of cosmetics division, and launched a special perfume to celebrate the Shanghai Expo.
We are proud of our contribution to the Shanghai Expo by manufacturing this perfume bottle with our outstanding technology. Moreover, we are happy that now you know the bottle which makes perfume more valuable, is manufactured by KOA Glass.
Just same as people around the world, we KOA Glass are exciting about starting the Shanghai Expo soon.

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