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Meeting a book of perfume culture

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Traveling around the world to research about perfumes, we can meet great people. One of these people which I met in São Paulo - Brazil, is Renata Ashcar.
She is a perfume culture researcher.
Brazil, one of countries that compound BRIC's, nowadays has been expected like a country to pull up the world economy. Its growth has increased the middle class population, that means, thanks to the stabilization on the economy and a balanced growth, one of serious subjects in Brazil, the poverty population rate was reduced.


PS: 2009 July data. In parentheses the % oscillation compared 5yrs ago. ∆ means minus. (Fundação Getulio Vargas archive)

It's obvious, Brazil's cosmetics market has also grown and Brazil today ranks third in global cosmetics consumption.

07's Personal hygiene, perfume and cosmetics global market (US$ Billion and %)

General growth of cosmetic and perfume market like above, of course, it means there is some important factor or people on background to sustain this growth.
One of these people is Renata Ashcar, who published the results of her researches about the culture of perfume. She published in 2001 the book : THE CULTURE OF PERFUME.
The book is written from the following 7 chapters:
1.    Perfume in ancient time
2.    Perfume in Europe
3.    The anatomy of a perfume
4.    A perfume named Brazil
5.    Perfume in Brazil
6.    Perfume in the 20th century
7.    The future perfume
As you can see from the title, the book presents the cradle of the perfume and details of historical tendencies that transformed the perfumery in something so loved for all people around the world, and also shows the singularities and particularities of Brazil into this culture.
Specially  great point of this work is that the book figures out, even a futuristic overview, all expects on Brazil  and its potential of perfume that is still hidden and not yet known to the world. To know what really is this and to look for the answer of these questions, this book should be essential-read for all people interested about perfume culture.

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