"The reason why I have changed to a smaller mirror" A lady in Mumbai, India (60 years of age) - Perfume Story

"The reason why I have changed to a smaller mirror" A lady in Mumbai, India (60 years of age)

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Climbing up the gently curved slopes in the exclusive residential area, Malabar Hill in Mumbai, there are a series of elegant houses. It is located in south Mumbai, going to north along the Marine Drive (Queens Necklace) through the India Gate. During the colonial days of England, this was almost English-only suburb, and it is still a well-heeled area.
I visited an Indian lady who lived in one of those exclusive apartments. Pressing the doorbel1, a maid in the traditional costume sari appeared and showed me the way in. Inside the room, the first thing you'd notice is a harmony. The table, sofa, cushions and pictures are all color-coordinated in blue and green. A Buddha statue is by the window.
The lady of this place has started her make-up when she became 18. Nowadays she uses imported make-up products, but is not really interested in the famous brands and their packages. What is the important point in them to her, is that they have to be allergy-free. She uses products she feels natural and gentle to her skin.
photo_100302_03.jpgIn the morning, she washes her face with a warming face-wash, takes a shower, puts one of the two moisturizers depending on the condition of the day, then applies some sunscreen. If she has a party or lunch during the day, she puts some face powder and a lipstick. No eyeliners. Her perfume has not changed for 20 years. At night, she uses some moisture-cream. She usually purchases her cosmetics of import brands when she travels overseas. She feels that her daily life is the best now. Before she goes for a walk in the morning, she stands in front of her mirror, asks herself in the mirror, and controls her feeling, by telling herself that it will be a nice day again. She has learned to control her emotions through her walk and meditation.
She goes for a walk around the hilly area where five Dakhma: the Parsi Zoroastrianism' s Tower of Silence are scattered. The oldest tower was built in 1673. She walks in the nearby park for about an hour. After her walk, she does her meditation. She has started it in 1987. It is an exercise of retaining calm mental status. As a result, she has achieved the point that she accepts even more wrinkles as natural sign for aging, and they are showing her happiness.
Because of the meditation, she now can control the problems she faces everyday. She can calmly choose to go through some way, confronting with others.
This is in a way separating yourself from the world and not thinking about things you do not need to think. The idea is that yesterday has gone, tomorrow is still yet to come, so treasure your precious today. This is the key to live happily.
She has intentionally a small mirror in her powder room. The mirror on the washbasin is small, too. Actually she used to have bigger mirrors, but changed to the current mirrors 7 years ago. She feels calmer looking to a smaller mirror, She thinks the size of a mirror reflects the size of one's ego. A person's inner self is proven with the size of one's mirror. She feels that a smaller mirror is better for her. She believes that getting a larger minor means that you are letting your egos become larger.
She controls her body through walking and meditation, and checks her facial expressions that exercise brings to her, on a smaller mirror that reflects her egos.
She says, that is the checkpoint of happiness, and 99% of the time she spends her day smiling. She gave a very nice smile.
There is a wonderful lady living in Mumbai, India.
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