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Introduced at last time, Renata Ashcar whose I met in São Paulo-Brazil. She is a perfume culture researcher.

In addition to the book, "THE CULTURE OF PERFUME", she has been published annually "THE GUIDE BOOK OF PERFUME".

In the 2010 edition, you could see some pages of very interesting themes.

One of them is a Personality Test, which offers a guide to look for perfumes which are better suit to our personality.

By determining our own personality, we can know a list of recommended perfumes.

Another topic is the Test of Fragrance Tendencies which suggests a list of perfume upon whose perfume preference.

For example, people who like Shiseido's ZEN probably can appreciate Arpège(LANVIN), Calandre(PACO RABANNE), Calèche(HERMÈS), Chanel No.5(CHANEL), Dolce & Gabbana(Dolce & Gabbana) and First(VAN CLEEF & ARPELS).

With this type of presentation, annually she has published Perfume Guide Book containing almost every perfume in Brazil.

While some customers come to the store based on this guide, maybe the guide book is the most help for all perfume salesperson. By studying the guide, they can increase their own knowledge about perfume and will able to offer good advice for the clients. Actually Renata organizes classes to train perfume salespersons and opens workshops for general public also.

To publish a guide book, is required not just a large knowledge of perfumery but also a brilliant talent and abilities to distinguish the fragrances.

I have ever been in many countries and have been in contact with many books about perfume but I have never met something so useful and feasible like this guide book.

People like her living in Brazil, I think that's why Brazil has a bright future.

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