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A Tree-sided Mirror with one Design

"China's problems are our problems as well." A woman from Athens, Greece ( Age 42 )
The Olympics take place every four years. This August, it was held in Beijing. Four years ago, it was in Athens. We had the opportunity to interview two business women from the two Olympic cities.

A Woman from Athens ( Age 42 )
She operates two eyeglass shops in central Athens. Her husband is an orthopedist, but she is blond-haired woman with look of an ancient Greek, and claims, with a cheerful smile, that she has never gotten plastic surgery. She has two twin sons. She goes overseas on business about two or three times a year. She buys her cosmetics at duty-free shops during these trips and buys any new product that comes out, so she has a large collection. She also has a countless number of perfumes.
The residence is spacious. The inside of her home is decorated nicely. The concept of the interior d├ęcor is "glass" - which she likes and she designed and selected all of the furniture. She, of course, likes cosmetic containers that are made of glass.
She brings out a subtle tasting tea that contains 15 kinds of herbs and explains that her hope right now is to tale the time out of her busy schedule to spend time with her collection.
The tea is delicious. The countries that she would like to visit the most right now are Japan and China. She wants to visit China because the next Olympics after Athens are going to be in Beijing. She wants also to visit before China turns into a global major power. Her Friend has a job related to the Olympics in Beijing and has heard that there are many environmental problems there. That is why she wants to go there and see the situation is, and visit Japan while she7s at it. She wants to compare the conditions in China, where environmental problems still remain, with Japan, where they have overcome environmental issues. She would then like to think about the future of Greece. While saying these words, across from her eyes, glass cups shine brilliantly in its case.

A Woman from Beijing ( Age 28 )
She operates a shop that sells "Ultraman" character goods on the 4th floor of a popular fashion design building. She lives in an apartment with two rooms and a dining kitchen, not too far from her shop. A full-length mirror can be seen as soon as the front door is opened. There is also a mirror in the bathroom, but she does her makeup on the table of the reception set in front of the TV. There, tabletop mirror and cosmetic products lie beside one another. Her makeup items are in a bag that she got from a manufacturer as a promotional item, and is on a shelf next to the TV. She buys her cosmetics from a department store or online. She picks her cosmetics by trying them out. She tries a sample to make a choice, but she clearly points out that she prefers glass containers. Her goal right now is to open a complete shop with "Ultraman" character goods that includes children's clothes, which apparently exists in Japan as well. She wants to do this because it is likely that, in the future, the consumer pull of Chinese people will continue to increase and a variety of products will begin to circulate. If this happens, there will likely be a demand for high quality goods with some specialty. She recognizes that these types of consumers are beginning to increase. That is why she wants to open a complete shop that aims for specialty. While expressing her future plan, across from her eyes, is a photo with a beautiful smile.

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