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Japanese Young Women's Cosmetics Habits

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Japanese young women possess high-level make-up skills, however, what are their cosmetics habits today?
image100824_03.JPGWhile women increasingly buy cosmetics at a drug store or by mail order rather than at a high-class department store due to the economic recession, what are Japanese young women's cosmetics spending habits as well as their general cosmetics habits?
  General trends are that Japanese young women spend an average of approximately US$115 (May, 2010) on cosmetics in a single month which, compared to US$33 for Europe (2008) and US$26 for USA (2008), is more than three times higher than that of other countries. This is in spite of increased trends to purchase cheaper cosmetics at a drug store or by mail order.
  Looking separately at how much women spend on skincare and make-up; statistics show that US women spend more on make-up products, while French and Japanese women spend more on skincare products. Japanese women especially view skincare treatment such as cleansing, face wash as well as moisturizing and eye make-up as vital.
  Japanese young women's sense of beauty is that "beautiful make-up rests on beautiful skin". Based on this consciousness, they tend to repeatedly purchase cosmetic (particularly skin-care) products they like irrespective of the price, and will make cutbacks for items they don't mind replacing with cheaper alternatives. Japanese young women have a firm control on their cosmetics spending habits.


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