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A human life reflected by a three-sided mirror

"I prefer simple make-up. The key of grooming is a mirror" A woman in San Francisco (Age 51 ). This time, I visited a manager of a family-run winery in Sonoma Valley which is famous for California wine.

image100924_01.jpgThe movie "Vertigo", directed by Hitchcook was shot in San Francisco. A former detective played by James Stewart, suffers from acrophobia. He chases a friend's wife played by Kim Novak, and in doing so he draws the audience into the city of San Francisco. To get to the Mission Dolores, the oldest and most beautiful Spanish church in San Francisco, which appeared in the movie, I traveled by BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit ), trains using a computer controlled traffic system from selling and collecting tickets to traffic control management, built in 1974. When I entered the station, my eye caught the sign "RECYCLE : BE A GLASS ACT!" (See the photo).
This sign reflects the attitude of San Francisco towered the environment. Californians encourage the drinking of tap water instead of bottled water, and also offer organic fertilizer made from composted food scraps to wineries, showing their eagerness to help the environment. This time, I visited a manager of a family-run winery in Sonoma Valley which is famous for California wine.
The lady who opened the door to welcome me was, a 51-year-old pretty Italian lady with big eyes, brown hair, and a beautiful smile. My first impression was of a pleasant naturalness. She was doing paper work at home. Her hobby is Yoga, and she takes lessons 4 times a week. She has two children; the daughter is in high school and the son is in sixth grade. She told me that she likes to take care of others, so she was elected as the head of the PTA.
The style of their house is 1890's Victorian with high ceiling and curved corners. It is over 100 years old house decorated with sharp patterns, and the lintels are also decorated. All pieces of furniture are antique.

image100924_02.jpgThey have been living in the house for 14 years. The bathroom is at the top of the stairs.
The red carpet on the spiral staircase matches the Victorian style. Mirrors are in front of the sink is original, but, the other was added later to check the back of the hair. It's a good idea. She was saying, "I like mirrors, because, they make rooms bigger. I check myself full-length with the mirror on the wardrobe before going out. I prefer simple make-up.
I used to wear a lot of the brand-name items, but now, I am buying clothes in department store down town", and then she brought the red wine, "Elaine Maria" 2002. The label read, "Since our family moved from Italy in the beginning of the 1900's, for three generations, we have been growing Zinfandel grapes carefully, and making elegant and deep flavoured home-made wine on a small scale". Zinfandel grapes are known as California's unique and mysterious grapes, suited to the climate there, and having a good reputation for their rich and unique fruity taste. Last of all, I asked about Japan, she answered that Japanese women are fashionable, and clean. And also Japan is a technologically advanced country, and "viewed favourably by others", she said with a smile on her face. Such a wonderful lady is living in San Francisco, the city if "Vertigo".


Sushi and wasabi :Vol.1

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The Japanese live longer

On May 10, 2010, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the "World Health Statistics 2010". According to this survey, Japanese men and women on average have the longest life expectancy alongside San Marino. The survey targeted 193 WHO member countries, and the life expectancy statistics shown are as of 2008. Countries with a life expectancy of 82 years and over are shown in the below table.

Ranking Country Average Life Expectancy (men and women) <age>
1 Japan 83
1 San Marino 83
3 Andorra 82
3 Australia 82
3 Iceland 82
3 Italy 82
3 Monaco 82
3 Switzerland 82
( Source: WHO )

Moreover, the average life expectancy of Japanese women is 86 years which is the highest of all the 193 countries. Joint second were Andorra, France and Monaco. This is the 24th consecutive year that Japanese women have held the position as world number one. Countries whose female population have an average life expectancy of 84 years and over are shown in the below table.

Ranking Country Average Life Expectancy (women) <age>
1 Japan 86
2 Andorra 85
2 France 85
2 Monaco 85
5 Australia 84
5 Italy 84
5 San Marino 84
5 Spain 84
( Source: WHO )

Japanese food is behind this longevity

There are various reasons behind longevity, but it is common sense to argue that the kind of food people eat every day is a major factor.
The American Heart Association had made a plea to the American people to "emulate the diet of the Mediterranean region" due to the low-rate of heart disease in this region.
This specifically refers to "eating more fish than beef and pork, and using vegetable oil instead of than butter. People should also eat plenty of grains, vegetables and fruit, as well as vegetables high in fiber such as soybeans".The foods mentioned here, in fact, are prominent in "washoku" (Japanese food) - a food the Japanese have been familiar with for many years

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