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Aroma of Baden-Baden, Germany

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Aroma of Baden-Baden, Germany
Baden means a hot spring in Germany. Repeating Baden twice, people call this town as Baden-Baden in Germany, which means King of Hot Springs in English. This is the most famous hot spring resort in the world.
Baden-Baden is a city in southwest of Germany adjacent to Schwarzwald referred to as Black Forest on the right bank of the upper stream of the Rhine. The city covered with forest 60% has many uphills and downhills of an altitude from 100 to 1000 meters.
You should not consider Baden-Baden as mere a hot-spring resort or otherwise you would fail to obtain the entire picture of the city. Baden-Baden has come a long way to an international hot springs recuperation/resort, culture/tourism and convention center.

The city Baden-Baden stretches out around the new palace on top of a small rise of land, and forms a medieval town.
Going downhill from the new palace, you will find a gothic style cathedral and Markt platz (market place). The cathedral having gothic point-arched windows adds medieval atmosphere to Markt platz.
Going downhill further from Markt platz, you will come across Lange Strasse, from which to Leopolds platz is the city's shopping mecca.
To go to Caracalla-Thermen and Friedrichsbad, you go uphill Gembsbacher Strasse from Lange Strasse. Both buildings stand on the same side of the street.
The Oosback runs through the center of the city. On the opposite side of the river, there are kurhauses (cure-houses in English), facilities where you can drink hot spring water, and a kurpark at the foot of mountains. Lichtentalaer Alee (valley of light) along the Oosback is known as the world preeminently beautiful walking trail. Late baroque theaters and art museums stand along the walking trail.
Baden-Baden type of city structured with a palace and Markt platz is a typical medieval city. This might give you an impression that Baden-Baden is one of ordinary German suburban cities except the hot spring. However, we should not forget a designer who made Baden-Baden world famous.
This designer is Friedrich Weinbrenner (1766-1826) of the kurhause. The kurhouse, which was completed in 1825, made the city popular from Europe to America as a hot spring recuperation and resort city.
We will introduce Weinbrenner briefly in this article but omit his detailed profile. He was a well-known edgy architect as well as an intellectual in Europe in the beginning of 19th century. He was so famous that the kurehause attracted tremendous interests immediately after the completion, only because it was designed by Weinbrenner.
The kurehause seems to people in 21st century as a magnificent or eye-opening in neither a scale-wise nor a design-wise. However, the design and the scale of the kurehause were admired as gorgeous and stately 180 years ago more than we imagine.
The casino of the kuahause was so splendid that Malene Dietrich appreciated it as the most beautiful casino in the world. In addition, the international horse racing started. Aristocrats, patients for hot spring recuperation and their attendants visited Baden-Baden. The city was considered as a capital of Europe during summer.
In addition, many cultural figures visited the gleaming city Baden-Baden, including Brahms, Schumann, Delacroix, Turgenev and Dostoevskii. Thanks to them, Baden-Baden gained enormous popularity, and visit to this city went to show of a trend spotter and a cultural figure. The city made a great success in this way.

After World War II, it became a French territory temporarily but it was released in 1950. The casino was reopened, and then Caracalla-Thermen was rebuilt in 1985. A festival hall was built in 1996, which boasted the most modern facilities in Germany. In this festival hall, people enjoyed same music as played in the Salzberg Festival, and had conferences and business shows.
Throughout the history, Baden-Baden has grown up to the current international city with three core fields of hot spring recuperation/resort, tourism/culture, and business conference/show.
In March 2009, US President Obama attended G20 in Germany. During his visit, he moved to Baden-Baden by helicopter and took a walk down from Market Platz, the city government and crossing the Oosbach to the casino after the meeting with President Sark_zy of France. This represents that Baden-Baden is recognized as a German-boasted city.
What images make Baden-Baden a German-boasted city?
To search these images, we went to Kur & Tourismus GmBH office after we studied the history and culture of Baden-Baden and walked around the city. We were going to have interview with Ms. Brigitte Goertz-Meissner, Director of the company.
Her office has big windows open to two directions to view the whole city of Baden-Baden. The desks are placed forming a big U against the window. This office provides an open and excellent environment.
We were listening to her impassioned speech that Baden-Baden is a city of hot spring, tourism/culture and convention. We soon knew how much she loved this city, and her words turned on the light bulb in our mind.
We asked her if this would be right.
The hot spring is interpreted as health, tourism/culture as a history and culture and conventions as economy. If so, Baden-Baden is created by maintaining balance of these three elements, and elegance served as a balancer of the elements. In other word, this elegant balance emit aroma of the city. She agreed to our point of view.
We recommend each and every one of you to visit Baden-Baden and indulge in this elegant balance.

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