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Natural botanical perfumer: Laurie Stern

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Natural botanical perfumer: Laurie Stern

On a hill with a breathtaking view of the Golden Gate Bridge

We visited a house of natural perfumer, Ms. Laurie Stern, after driving for thirty minutes from downtown San Francisco.
image130420_01.jpgThe house is located on a hill on which you have spectacular view of the Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. In the big garden, she has beehives from which she harvests her homemade honey. She served us strawberry with the honey. When I told her that the mild homemade honey makes the fresh strawberry taste even more delicious, she nodded with a big smile.


The theme is cats

As we entered the beautiful and magnificent garden, a cat came to my foot. In fact, we cannot tell Laurie's story without cats! Laurie's perfume company, called "Velvet & Sweet Pea's PURRFUMERY," is spelled like a cat's "purr" instead of "perfumery". There is a story behind it.

image130420_06.jpgAfter she ended her wedding flower business she started collecting essences. Then, she encountered a book, titled, "The art of Purrfumery... The Odors of Plants" She was very inspired by it; she knew this book was going to change her life. She read it over and over again, taking notes of important points, which later inspired her precious formulations for her perfumes. As a lifelong lover and protector of cats, she knew she would lovingly incorporate this theme into her perfume business. Now all her perfume bottles have designs of cats on them. She also inserts antique poetry with cats in her marketing and on the "scent cards" that come with her perfumes. She injects all her love into "Velvet & Sweet Pea's PURRFUMERY". Currently she lives with her husband, Gary, four cats, 2 rescue pigeons, and bees.

The essence is all-natural.

She sells her perfumes online at her website and at her Purrfumery in the East Bay hills by appointment.


image130420_09.jpgThe essence of her perfume is 100% natural botanical, including such ingredients as organic grape alcohol, flowers from her own garden, spices and honey, etc. There are 200 different prescriptions, and she currently has fifteen products for sale. She only sells products that she trusts and loves.
She names her products uniquely, naming some of her perfumes Jewelry of Heaven and Kittylicious Eau de Parfum. When she makes a prescription, she tries to listen to voices from Earth in her meditation. When she started making perfumes as gifts for her friends, they suggested she start a business. Now she has customers from as far as away as Russia, as well as many Americans, of course. On her website, while she offers some practical information on natural botanical perfume across the world, she entertains readers with fun designs and pictures.

Laurie Stern's Velvet & Sweet Pea's PURRFUMERY

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