Perfume Story: 3. Dressing Board from All Over The World: August 2009 Archives

3. Dressing Board from All Over The World: August 2009 Archives

photo_090818_02.JPGIn an elegant and quiet area in Paris, neighboring the Boulogne forest, I press the intercom of an apartment. The door is opened with her voice and a click. There is a large mirror in the entrance hall, a large picture on the wall of the staircase leading me to the third floor, then a portrait of a beauty in a formal dress welcoming me as I stepped in the front door. "She is my husband's grandmother," says my host. The host who wears blue, half-sleeved shirt and slacks invites me into the living room with an easy and limber motion. In her salon-like living room, there are a table, two sets of upholstered sofas as well as nine chairs. It is a large house with many more rooms in the back. She is 65 years old.
In 1984, she visited Japan for a month to study flower-plants. She joined a French-Japanese social organization, "SUZUKAKE NO KAI" in 1989, and in 2000, she spent two months traveling from Rebun and Rishiri Islands in Hokkaido to Yonakuni Island, the tip of Okinawa islands. She is such an enthusiast of Japan that she even studied Shodo, Japanese calligraphy, and participated in Shodo exhibitions. Smiling, she adds "And I don't drink coffee. I drink Japanese Genmai tea or green tea". Her philosophy of life is "to live cozily". That is why she loves Japanese flowers and brings them into her everyday life. She feels that Japanese flowers have the characteristics of the delicate sense of the Japanese and display it well.
photo_090818_03.JPGIn the morning she gets up and spends 30 minutes doing Kiwado stretching exercise, designed to harmonize the inner-spirit. You stretch your body with movements opposite to the normal direction. After that, she tones her skin with spray-water and moisturizing cream. That is her first make-up. When she pops out or goes to a restaurant, she would put on her second make-up applying some foundation, eye-shadow and lipstick. In addition, she put her third make-up if she goes out for a party. She'd define her eyes, do her hair and put on some perfume. She loves Japanese perfume and has been using it for 20 years.
On the days when she has no plans to go out anywhere, she goes up to her roof-top garden through a dedicated spiral staircase from her living room. It is a world of sunshine, green, bird's song and their wafts. There are pines, bamboos, plum and cherry trees, as well as Japanese gingers, Japanese peppers, citrons, Japanese herbal trifoliates, perillas, kumquats, tomatoes, or carrots etc, and some flowers. At first it may appear to be cluttered, but there is a superb harmony among them. They swing in the breeze, whisper into your ears, and sooth your feelings as you contemplate them. This frees you from worldly thoughts and leaves you with only a calm mind. It really is a nice feeling.
She always believes that such a nice feeling is generated from inside, in the process of getting up in the morning, having her breakfast, doing Kiwado and especially looking at herself in the mirror. At the start of the day, she checks her condition by looking at her skin.
Yesterday was a good one. She worked in the garden from one in the afternoon till eight at night. Even during the evening thunderstorm, she continued in her raincoat. And she is not tired. She thinks it was because she checked that she was well in the mirror when she put on her first make-up. She believes her morning make-up time is the most important moment that brings you those pleasant feelings.
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